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Knowledge of Different Components of Solar Panels is Essential

When a person decides to buy a solar panel, it becomes necessary that he knows about the various components that constitute a solar panel. The solar panel is a system that uses sun rays to produce power. Since it uses a renewable energy source, buying one assures hassle-free availability of power. When one decides to buy a panel, he must first analyze his requirements. One will find various components that are essential for proper working.

Components Related to Power Generation

There are two major components that are related to electricity production. These are the solar panels and the batteries.

  • The panels: The solar panels are made of alloys which contain silicon. The panel is divided into various photovoltaic cells. These cells capture the sunlight and covert its energy. People can get it installed on the ground or the rooftops. However, it is believed that for the optimum usage, it must be placed on the roof since this allows maximum exposure to sunlight. These panels come in different sizes which mean that they produce different amounts of power.
  • Batteries: Solar panel operates using sunlight. This means that it cannot work properly when the weather is cloudy. But does this mean that there will be no power? No. The panels are attached to batteries. These provide power when the panel cannot produce electricity. A person can connect batteries according to his requirements.

Components Meant for Power Conversion

The electrical energy produced by a solar panel is in the form of direct current. However, electric appliances use alternating current. This means that the current produced by the panel cannot be directly used to power appliances. Thus, inverters are used to transform one form of current into another. These inverters are therefore very essential.

Components Used for Monitoring

A solar panel needs to be attached to devices that display information.

  • The utility meter helps in tracking surplus electricity generated by the panel. The energy which is not used is sent back to the power grid and helps save money.
  • The monitoring device is connected to the inverter and shows the electricity generated by it.

Apart from these major components, there are frameworks of metal that are used to install panels on rooftops. These are bolted to any wall and can be adjusted according to direction of the sun.

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